Merry Christmas from the Hostetters.

This has been a big month for me. There were those snowstorms (and snow makes me giddy as all get out), I had a birthday (and if snow makes me giddy, birthdays make me astronomically spastic in a very happy way), and…I GRADUATED COLLEGE.

Scratch that, this month hasn’t just been big. This may be the most enormous month of my life. A month jam packed full of my fast heart beating a million miles an hour, of hypervenalating-first over great gifts, then over papers yet to be written, of cozying up (by the heater behind our couch that I like to close my eyes and pretend is a fire) and watching so many more episodes of so many more shows then I ever have. Ever. Cause that’s what snow days are for, right? Or so Brent tells me.



(Relaxing is a new thing to me. New since my marriage, that kind of new. I think I’m getting pretty good at it though. I’m almost at the point where I can focus on a conversation while a basket of unfolded laundry sits on my bed, just calling out to me. See, aren’t I good?)

This week I learned that Brent does not appreciate when I save a very full trash can for HIM to empty (especially in a snowy storm). I also learned that he is an excellent gift giver. As evidenced by my new periwinkle blue statement necklace (Francesca’s, I know I was impressed too), my new cozy PJ’s (perfect for a snow day) AND my favoriteTom’s Desert Wedges!!! These shoes were my dream for this winter season, and they are living up to my expectations. Definitely THE most comfortable pair of shoes with a heel that I have ever owned. And I swear, they look cute with (almost) EVERYTHING!

In fact, I wore them on our birthday date to The Terrain at Styers.





The Terrain may seriously be my favorite place ever. Not only is it owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. (owner of Anthropologie, my other favorite store), it is just so cute, rustic, inspiring and green all over. This greenhouse/boutique-y shop carries clothing housewares and of course- LOTS of stuff that makes you want to garden for the rest of your life. Their Christmas decor was exquisite and our dining experience at the Garden Cafe was impeccable. Located off of Route 1 in Glen Mills, PA, the Terrain is only like an hour and a half drive from Lancaster! I highly reccomend this mini daytrip. It made my birthday!


So after a beautiful birthday, I woke up Tuesday morning to MORE unexpected snow! (Only unexpected because I haven’t been keeping up with The Weather Channel since we opted out of cable). I took a little 7 AM walk down to Central Market for our neccessities (eggs, milk, kale and sweet potatoes of course) and the world was just dreamy. Seriously, Lime Street sparkled and I have never felt the city so peaceful. I really love days like this, me with a cup of Earl Grey tea- perched on our little Ikea couch taking in every glistening second of the snow storm as I rapidly type the day away about communication theories and cognitive dissonance. This is how I ended my college carreer. Writing my final papers in a snow storm. Sipping out of my new birthday H mug (i’m obsessed with my married monogram). And every so often, a longing glance out our living room window.



Graduation was rather anti-climactic, if I do say so myself. They pronounced my name wrong (it’s HOE-stetter not HOSS-stetter) and I was a little hot. But it’s ok, because my diplomas coming in the mail and I am DONE. (To be honest with you, there were times in my college career when none of us were sure I’d EVER get to say that word-in reference to undergrad at least).



And now it’s Christmas. Our very FIRST Christmas. And I am thrilled. I feel like i’m in my element, decorating our home, wrapping gift upon gift (I think the final consensus is- can I get paid for gift wrapping or is that a dying trade?) I thought I was so cool, getting all my shopping done in October. Let me tell you something, that backfires. Bad. Once I was done with all of the “neccesary shopping,” the most wonderful time of the year truly hit and I LOVE THE MALL AT CHRISTMAS. (Seriously, usually the mall makes me hot and dehydrated and induces hives. But not at Christmas. NO WAY). So Brent had to give me a budget and say “No more random cute things for random people,” and I had to vow to save shopping for after Thanksgiving…check back with me next year.

mantleThe stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Brent would decide to go shopping sometime before Christmas.



My Christmas cards ended up overflowing from my “that was a nice thought Katie” garland to a collage covering our freezer door. chalk

I practiced a little “Pinspired” chalk art. (More like “Pincopied”)


We are ready for the holiday to commence. We are ready for a new year to commence! A new year of memories, of togetherness, of all the newness of marriage unfolding into even more experiences. When I look at life as I knew it last year at this time, and life as I know it now- I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Just goes to show how much can change, how much I can really handle and how much I am blessed. We love you all, and are wishing you a very Merry, Light & Bright and EVERY OTHER ADJECTIVE Christmas. 

Love from,

B + K