it’s Real Simple.

There are days when I find myself entering into this place. A place I don’t like. My mind starts racing, my heart beats faster, I begin to sweat. Sometimes I break out in hives. This place is totally not a place of rest. This is a place of stress


Why am I stressed? Why do we stress? Well right now I can tell you it’s about money, about the fact that I’m beginning a new life and investing in new things. Suddenly there are so many more responsibilities, more things to think about and more things to buy.

Where is the simplicity of life that is so often discussed?


In an effort to reduce the heart palpitations, I reached for my latest issue of Real Simple  magazine.

The tagline?

| Life made easier |

The headline?

stress-free SUMMER.


Titles like 67 Refreshing Ideas to Make Every Day more FUNCool Drinks, Hot new beach reads and my personal favorite, Look Great in Pictures: 17 Expert Tricks. All of the words scream read me, I’ll fix this, and for a moment, I buy it. (I mean I bought the magazine for some practical reason didn’t I?)


With my magazine [and a peach] in tow, I head to my bedroom for a relaxing read and to rest my brain. The scent of lavendar greets me, as the lavender buds ordered for our wedding are currently hiding under my bed.

Ahhhhhh, I need this cleanse. I deserve this.

I hate to say that’s what I’m thinking.


It is SO easy for me to think to myself, “i am a bride-to-be, i am working and i am a college student. i have every right to be stressed.” 

But it didn’t take more than two minutes for me to realize that the magazine and a sense of lavender scented self-entitlement was not what I needed. I opened Jesus Calling, my go to for a little refreshment. This line immediately spoke to me.


the glitter of this world is tinny and temporal. the light of My Presence is brilliant and everlasting. 


The beauty of these words overwhelmed me. Here I am reading Real Simple when real simplicity is at my beck and call [excuse my punniness]. Peace washed over me. I have to allow myself to relax. Submit myself to a presence so much greater than I could ever create with loads of lavender and way more than 67 refreshing summer fun ideas. 


peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled. 

Trust in Me.

{John 14:27}