so long summer.



This summer was the best. Besides the fact that it was our FIRST MARRIED SUMMER, Brent and I dubbed this ‘the summer of caprese and mojitos.’ I feel like the name is pretty self explanatory.

Some of my favorite memories of summer are-

1. BEACH TRIPS. I’d be remis if I didn’t mention all of them. specifically this last one!

2. Fresh fruit. I love my walks to market for whatever is in season, and we finally got to pick peaches, something we’ve been looking forward to all year!

3. FRESH FLOWERS. (seeing a theme with fresh?)

4. Attempting our own city garden. And failing miserably at it. Who has time to water plants anyway?

5. Summer nights. I loved the cool nights that this awesome summer weather has brought, specifically when they were spent in the park with a blanket and a book.

6. ICED DRINKS. Seriously I’m gonna be sad when I am too cold to drink iced coffee.

7. Sunshine.

8. BBQs and PARTIES and FRIENDS and all the hustle and bustle that summertime life brings.


“The end of August is the New Year’s Day of summer.


One of my favorite writers and heart sharers, Myquillyn wrote this in a recent post on her blog nesting place and it totally resonated with me.

There is this absurd excitement that rises within me at the thought of Fall…crisp mornings, cool evenings, boots and of course oversized sweaters. Everything pumpkin, fair season, the best apples you’ve ever tasted.

Last night we purchased our first of many #PSL for the season. (don’t let the infamous hashtag throw you- this translates to Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes<3). The occasion? Well besides the fact that I’ve been practically on the edge of my seat with visions of Starbucks floating through my brain since early August, we were CELEBRATING Brent! With my favorite drink, how fitting. (I think I’ve mentioned how I’m really good at selflessness before).

Today is Brent’s last day working for and owning Revolution Builders. Tuesday he will begin working with his dad’s new home building company, Brentwood. When this change was originally brought up, I could hardly believe we were discussing it. I was pretty sure i’d hit my threshold for change somewhere back around engagement…or marriage…or graduation…but who am I to decide that? As exciting as the thought of working with Brent’s family was, there was this part of me that just wanted to stay put for two seconds. After all, Brent had only bought into Revolution when we started dating two years ago- could life really be changing again?


As I sit here on this Fall-like morning, cup of tea in hand, and reminiscent of the summer…the year really, I am continuously reminded of God’s faithfulness to us. As we end our August, thoughts of fresh starts in mind, I think I’m more ready than I may feel sometimes.

I’m ready to celebrate; where we’ve been, where we’re headed, celebrate with friends and the changes they are going through, with family and the stages they enter into.


So goodbye to summer nights and trying to garden, sunshine at 5:30 AM, and white pants -if we’re getting technical.

Fall- I think i’m ready for ya. And everything you’re gonna bring.

xoxo Katie