it’s been a while

well, a little over one month ago I had the best intentions of plowing my way effortlessly through a 30 day blogging challenge.

then life hit.

we have been experiencing transition like no other. people joke that all we need to do is get a dog and we’ve successfully accomplished all major milestones in a year. well I don’t know if i’d call a dog a milestone, and we definitely aren’t getting one, but there is some truth to this statement.

November 1 marked moving from our little apartment to our new home. Naturally, we began painting the next morning and have hardly sat down since. I run a tight ship around here.

But really, one season led to another and before we knew it we were half unpacked and putting up a real live evergreen tree in our living room while listening to Bing Crosby’s nostalgic voice on repeat.


Lately I have been cherishing time spent…Since the loss of our precious little one this past September, life has felt a whole lot more raw than it had before. I experienced pains I have never felt before, but found a depth that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Learning to cling to the Lord and ally with my husband are two of the most important things I could ever do during the why seasons.

this holiday I am humbled, and I am tired. I am clinging to the hope that He brings good, and the opportunity to trust that I know I’ve been intentionally given.

I pray that you find rest in this season like we are, that the Lord wraps you in his arms with a peace that is indescribable, and that you know you are loved.

We love you

xoxo and wishing you the Merriest of Christmas’s

The Hostetter Family

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{thank you to our amazing friends Amber Martin, for perfect photography, and Jeff Frandsen, for amazing handtype.}

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