Monday Inspiration

Some fresh inspiration on a Monday afternoon, take three.

Life is a little bit crazy…and it is hard to believe that summer is practically coming to an end (unfortunate) and that my other favorite season is right around the corner (fortunate).

A little mini life update:

1. One week from today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! And what a crazy year it has been.

2. My little sister leaves for her first year of college this week, so that feels kind of bittersweet. Luckily there is a Trader Joe’s in dangerously close proximity to where she’ll be located…so the sweet may outweigh the bitter on this one.

3. Brent is switching jobs! Another bittersweet thing for us, but totally the Lord. He’ll be working with his dad doing new home construction and we are very excited!

4. Life is crazy and busy and I am still learning to manage it all… I found this quote today and immediately set it as my desktop background-


{the girl with a reputation of saying yes to everything is learning this in a very big way.}

And now for your (or at least my) weekday inspiration-



 My favorite afternoon pick-me-ups are ever changing. This week I am loving fresh strawberries with gorgonzola and fig balsamic drizzled on top. It is seriously so yummy. Also, in an effort to curb my spending habits (specifically in the realm of coffee shops) I have been making my own iced coffee! I have found that making a pot of super strong coffee (typically 4 cups of water to 6 TBSP of grounds) is the perfect balance when dealing with watery iced cubes. I love using the Square One coffee, and the blend we have at work is awesome! I have also recently discovered honey + whole milk in coffee and it is the highlight of my afternoon these days. 🙂



 I’ve been putting these fresh berry boxes to good use all over the place. This particular one acts as an organizer for all my random crafty stuff, and is the perfect accent to brighten up my desk with a touch of summertime.



I have discovered maybe the best invention when it comes to beauty products. Organix is one of my favorite over the counter hair-product brands, and their moroccan sea salt spray is just perfect. It smells delicious while giving you the saltwater beach-y texture that you crave in the summer. I love that it helps me create the wavy look without looking stiff like mousse or gel can tend to do.



The perfect brown leather flats. I really thought nothing could beat my last pair (steve madden compliments of goodwill) because they fit perfectly, were worn in to perfection, and then suddenly fell apart (the reason Brent says ‘don’t get attached to shoes from goodwill’). I stumbled across these tobacco colored leather beauties at Nine West in Tanger Outlets and I swear I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of flats. They are structured enough to support my feet but not so stiff that they cause blisters (a problem I often run into with the backs of new flats). The best part- they match everything!


heart stuff

Only $4.99 at HomeGoods, this journal is my new “share my heart” spot. I love the watercolor smeared look of it, and I love the crisp clean pages! My previous journal had some very sad but major water damage (candle holders do not always work interchangeably as flower vases, and do not sit books underneath them. especially when filled with water. decorating fail.) but it works out well because this one is about to capture the newest season of our life- year two– and the most recent happenings amidst craziness!

Eventually some of the words on those pages will end up on my little blog, but in the meantime I thought I’d keep you posted on life in the Hostetter home, and encourage you to ENJOY THIS WEEK! Monday is just the beginning!

So make yourself a tall glass of iced coffee, experiment with beach-y waves, and choose today that each day will be joy-filled.


that it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet.

{emily dickinson}

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