Monday Inspiration

 Another beautiful summer weekend has come to an end, and as I move into the “weekday routine” I’m trying to carry that weekend bliss on with me!

These are a few of my favorite things {at least right now they are}

1. -those pants-. You know, the flow-y, bold, patterned ones that you feel like everyone is wearing and can hardly imagine pulling off? I felt the same way, but I liked them, so I got a pair. The search for the perfect pants led me to Plato’s Closet in Exton, where I stumbled upon these Kimichi Blue gems that are extremely comfortable and didn’t balloon out in every direction (the image I had when I envisioned myself in them). I decided to be bold and just do it, so I tested them out with yesterday- first at church with wedges that made me way too tall, then at Costco with some super cute flat sandals I found on Target clearance last week.

I am a fan.

2. Nutella Bread. Enough said. And this recipe is HONESTLY surprisingly simple for how beautiful the bread ends up, and how pro it makes you look. I promise.

3. Quote of the week- I love this reminder because it helps me in cleaning out my closet, my kitchen cabinets, and de-cluttering my home. I also love washi tape, which I found in a knock-off version at my favorite store Michael’s, and have been pasting to everything it will stick to (so much for de-cluttering).

4. Um, I stumbled across this pumpkin yogurt as I perused the aisles of my other favorite store yesterday afternoon. It must have been fate, because it was the only one there (or left), but I love the rhubarb flavor, so I cannot wait to try this. And I also can’t believe that pumpkins might be right around the corner?

5. Doing a little bit of dreaming, planning, and getting inspiration for my home.

6. Simplify. I love this little reminder staked into the flowers by my front door.

Because it truly is the simple things in life that can mean the most.


Have the happiest of Mondays! And BE INSPIRED!

xoxo Katie

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