On Sunshine, Springtime & Learning to Dance in the Rain

Tonight we took a walk. In our house, a walk is not a walk unless it leads to a snack. Brent introduced this concept, when he turns left out of the drive I know we’re headed downtown, therefore we will inevitably stop somewhere and get a little something. So here I sit, eating my sunshine cookie from Cafe18 (the only way to eat cookies guilt free is when the ingredient list includes flax) and thinking how thankful I am for our walks.


I’ve decided that springtime in our little city is super cute. Our neighbors have this tree that flounces out over the cars in our lot, budding beautiful white blooms, and then fluttering them down onto my front window (although they look a little too much like snow this late in the game.) The sunshine streams into our kitchen at 6 AM, making it 10x easier to get up, work out and go places (or at least, you would think). FLOWERS, fresh FLOWERS blooming all over the place and making my home feel that much homey-er. (Oh and I’m finally keeping some succulents alive!)

photo 1photo 5

photo 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is something about the sunshine that makes me come alive, makes me feel unexplainably happy and ready to face any day. I swear, the day goes from a 0 to a 10 in .2 seconds when there’s sunshine in the forecast (sorry for all the numbers hurting your head in that sentence 🙂 ). If I could have sunshine every day, I’d take it.

Unfortunately if I’m relying on the sun alone then I practically don’t function on those rainy, cloudy days. If I have the perfect atmosphere, the perfect surroundings and experience then I am amazingly, wonderfully bright and cheery. When a cloud slides over that sun, or drop of rain lands on my windshield…it’s all over.


Last week Jeremy Hess Photographers had a team picnic. The weather was beautiful, menu planned, decor collected, pretty much a table set for perfection. I woke up with the thought, am I having high expecations? (a major tendency of mine) and answered myself with, nope, can’t see what could go wrong tonight.

Well first, let me tell you that one girl cannot wrangle 22 helium filled balloons into a Jetta all by herself…or, let me rephrase, one girl shouldn’t have to wrangle all those balloons into a Jetta without some help. Guess what, this girl did. So if you ever search “How Many Blondes Does It Take To Get A Balloon In A Car,” the answer is -one but it takes 15 minutes-, and the videos/photos that anyone witnessing this should have taken of me…those could be totally embarrassing.

Due to all of the balloons attracting to my hair like magnets, I had something similar to a loofah sponge attached to my head by the time I arrived at the studio. And the day progressed from there…

By the time we had arrived at Jeremy’s house, set up the lights, decorated the table, and prepared our food, it was raining…nothing this loofah head couldn’t handle, but definitely raining. Drizzling on and off, our party eventually ended up in a soaking mess of craft paper, tulips and red solo cups. The perfect picture of expectations gone awry.

Parties that end like this could easily end in tears, but I look back at that night in amazement.

It was beautiful, messy, kind of overwhelming, muddy, joy-filled, memories, community, family.

We had fun. It was not perfect, there was no sunshine, but we had fun.

As the night drew to a close, my mascara was dripping, my hair was sopping and I was chilly. However, we still had 22 helium filled balloons to get rid of, and the efforts of Katie that would not be in vain.

I think that maybe the best moment of the party was the end. We grabbed the balloons from the trunk (much more smoothly than any previous transfer of location) and ran out to the front of the house.

There, beneath the twinkle lights, amidst the mess, and after the storm, we released them.

photo 4photo 3

photo 2


Sunshine is fun, and springtime is beautiful. But you know that cliche, “dance in the rain“?

Yea well, I think I’m learning that too.


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