be still my BURSTING heart.

I am full.

full of joy.

full of anticipation.

full of thankfullness.

full of coffee (therefore making me rather jittery/energetic for 10:30 PM)

full just thinking about a certain turkey dinner coming soon…

full to the brim, to my fullest prior-to-bursting potential.


As many of you may have witnessed from my previous post, I did the deed…

I decorated for a certain holiday before another certain holiday.

Some may take offense to this, and rightly so. The Christmas hype gives way to a slippery slope of forgetfullness about thankfullness.  Gone are the days of cornucopias and pilgrim figurines. Forget orange and brown, give me evergreens and red nosed reindeers. My husband, while powerless to my decorating powers (he would hate to admit it, but I’m honest), noticed a certain tendency about me. When September hits, I am so in love with pumpkins that I practically want to marry them (hello middle school catch phrase. bet you haven’t heard that one in a while). But come end-of-November-snow-flurrying days and I practically loathe those who would even show a jack-o-lantern’s face in their window. Brent does this imitation of me like I’m a total crazy person, “GET THAT PUMPKIN OFF YOUR PORCH. I’M OFFENDED THAT YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR FROSTY THE SNOWMAN INFLATABLE OUT THERE YET,” in a cranky cat lady voice (but no worries, I don’t believe in Frosty the Snowman inflatables by any means. Only The Grinch Who Stole Christmas). While he is totally kidding, (at least I don’t THINK I sound like that), he shows me something about myself…and I hate when that happens.


I am what I would call a holiday oriented person. Give me a chance to party and I will party. Give me a chance to rearrange all the furniture and anything that qualifies as a decoration, and I will do it. Don’t give me a chance, and I will still do it.

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. It is also two weeks after my birthday, making it located in my FAVORITE month. I love the holiday cheer, the holiday colors, the sweet little twinkle lights, the hustle and bustle of every store imaginable (including those in the deadly mall…and you know that’s serious business, cause I hate the mall). I feel so much satisfaction walking down the garland lined city streets, soaking in the window decor, and when my neighbors put up their Christmas decorations I feel a sense of pride for my street. Is this obsession? I prefer to think not…but who really knows?

All this rambling is not my point.


Yes, I put my Christmas decorations up one week before the “acceptable” time. Yes, you might as well string me out on a row of Christmas lights and call me one of them. But before you write me off, I have a suggestion.

I believe that, in essence, Thanksgiving & Christmas can stand for one in the same.






Tomorrow we will give thanks. We will feel full, and hopefully in more ways than one. We will reminisce over years of life’s beauty, and anticipate more to come. I don’t want to miss out on this, and although my home is red and green, I don’t believe I will.

Tomorrow we will give thanks

and then…

the miracle.


I promise you that, although I am proud of my shimmery antler candleabra (if you are wondering why I am discussing candleabras and cornucopias…I guess I just felt creative tonight. either that or I’m an old soul). Anyway, although I love to decorate and feel happy off all this Christmas hype, I don’t ever want to forget truth. I don’t ever want to write off the miracle, the Child, the reason.

Thanksgiving precedes the miracle.

Why can’t we celebrate both?




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