let it snow {and stuff like that}.

This weekend was a good weekend…

My husband ran with me, TWICE. (That is a major wide eyed emoji right there).

We traveled to my favorite day trippin’ spot, my sweet hometown [city], Baltimore!

We went to the best Goodwill in the world, ever, which I know i’ve mentioned in previous posts, and here we found a lotta stuff…including this comfy, lumberjack shirt which I CAN’T WAIT for Brent to wear on Christmas. [so thank you H&M and the Goodwill at Fells Point for making our holidays that much more merry & bright].


{please notice his plaid collection in the background. Brent has the best fashion sense, but I may be biased}

Other favorite part of this beautiful trip? My husband would say the all-meat-all-the-time Brazilian steakhouse we visited [ Fogo de Chao] and rightly so…(I mean the salad bar was heaven) BUT, I would argue the the highlight to be this unforgettable sunset over my FAVORITE spot in all of Inner Harbor.


On Sunday we debuted that sweet red cup of JOY called a Starbucks holiday drink [buy one get one November 13-17].


And THEN, yesterday, I heard it was going to snow. I can never contain myself this time of year. I’ve been listening to Bing Crosby & Buble holiday radio since November 1, it’s a fact. So snow meant one major thing- pull out the winter wonderland PJs and fill up on cookies & cocoa.

That’s what we did.



I woke up this morning to a snowless Tuesday, but the window panes were cold enough that I could breathe and draw hearts…anything to make a 6AM morning fun. I then spent my imaginary snow day sorting clothes (my closet is a treacherous avalanche waiting to happen…and it will be again in two days).

Brent made me get rid of my winter shoe of choice

goodbye mosThese little mocs have been with me for every winter since 9th grade. It’s just plain unfair. But I guess they bring up high school break up memories…[again, my husband truly is the fashionable one].

And last, but not least, I did a little pre-pre-Christmas prep.


I believe a monogrammed stocking is a perfect stocking…and a 12$ Amazon find complete with a $3 Target pin? Even better.


You’re thinking, wonderful…I’ve now read the play-by-play (complete with very un-quality iPhone pictures) of Katie’s boring life. Besides the fact that I did hook you up with some sweet deals and links, I am not offended by that thought.

Here’s the thing.

I want you to realize, I want ME to realize, how simple life can seem-yet how beautiful it can become. I could be extra poetic and make my weekend seem like a Taylor Swift song (when she’s not breaking up with a boy) but I will spare you the drama. My weekend, my life, is seemingly ordinary. But is it? Let’s be honest, a perfect life is impossible. A storybook life is unrealistic. But a real life

That. is beautiful.



p.s. I am now going to dive into that bright orange Shutterfly box that just arrived. Delivering not only OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD, but also a whole bunch of thank you notes waiting to happen.

Here’s a sneak peek-


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