so this is Fall…

It truly is THE most wonderful time of the year… {you may hear this quote come out of my mouth around Christmastime too…or any holiday of the year really.} I love ANY excuse to celebratebakedress accordinglydecorate. So of course, the fact that I know have my own little home to decorate is just feeding this love {addiction} of mine. Between perusing my favorite Facebook blog Cotton & Cashmere and my It’s Fall!! Pinterest Board, I am prepared for the crisp weather and ALL things pumpkin.

Here’s a sneak peek at my fall thus far, specifically the decor part (all on a cash budget I might add 🙂 ).



Thank you A.C. Moore for these sweet little guys. All I added was a Sharpie touch and they are perfect for our bedroom mantle!


And there it is-

Pumpkins & berry branches courtesy of A.C. Moore (with the coupon of course).

Brown paper garland courtesy of Cotton & Cashmere (and a J.Crew paper bag).

Framed leaf courtesy of the beautiful tree down the street. No joke.


Found this gem of an idea on Pinterest of course, so on one of our Mondays off my friend Nicole and I decided to try it. If only we had videoed the two of us with a hand saw, shaping this piece of wood (found in my basement) to the perfect size. I will say, this looks great on my coffee table 🙂


More berry branches (99 cents each at A.C. Moore) added the perfect touch to my simple Ikea mirror. I have found that simple is perfect because I love accenting way too much to leave anything the same, ever!


In my kitchen I keep a selection of any dried flowers I have salvaged from Brent’s many bouquets. All it took was a couple perfect leaves to turn this into seasonal decor.


The best part of my kitchen is THE BEST Yankee candle I think I’ve ever smelled. A friend introduced me to FreebieShark and I got lucky on a BOGO Yankee coupon, turning my $28 candle into a $14 essential for my home!


My favorite part of decorating was {of course} picking out my pumpkins. A friend and I discovered this amazing stand in Manheim and loaded up on what I would call specialty pumpkins 🙂 The prices were impossible to beat.




In sum, I spent $40 and ended up with everything I wanted to create that cozy, Autumn atmosphere in {and out} of my home. Perfect fall days are here at last!

I am thankful.



{besides fall decorating, Katie Hostetter loves Central Market days, long walks, and her hot husband}

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