life, love & things i like. {a synopsis of summer 2013}

where is my summer going?

I’m guessiing this is perhaps the most common quote said and thought, across the globe. [yes I am THAT confident in myself].

But seriously, between working, summer classes, wedding planning and regular life stuff I am wondering that same thing. But hey, at least my six month engagement is moving right along! 

In the process of the craziness of life, i’ve been attempting, through photos and words, to document the beautiful things in my life. In an effort for complete thankfullness and a reminder that I am truly blessed I thought I would share some of these highlights with you! I apologize for all the pictures, but I would be bored with just words 🙂 

So here is the condensed version of some summer favorites (condensed to top 8 from top 20 something, i’m that good).


1. My favorite summer event THUS FAR:



I am torn between:

My first bridal shower, (top picture), where I received my VERY OWN dreamy little Kitchen Aid mixer. (seriously, Brent feels blessed he doesn’t have to hear me talk about how no one will get me that thing anymore).

A beautiful girls day to Inner Harbor involve three friends, perfect weather, delicious crab dip at Phillips and a trip on the water taxi to Fell’s Point where I found the best Goodwill and scored the adorable J.Crew skirt worn for my first bridal shower. (That was totally a run on sentence).

A trip to my all time favorite beach for day trippin’, Rehobeth, DE. The day was beautiful and besides me gettting fried in areas that never see the light of day we had so much fun with a great group of friends!


2. My favorite FUTURE summer event:

MY WEDDING!! August 18 cannot come soon enough. Here is a small preview in no particular order with no particular clue as to what’s what. 




3. My favorite coffee drink:

By FAR, iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts with mocha, cream & sugar. Nothing feeds a Dunkin’ addiction like the 99 cent refill mug available for $2.99 at a store near you. (so commercial.)


4. My favorite flower- PEONIES. (not really a summer flower, more like spring, but LOOK at this beautiful flower I got for $1.50 at Central Market. It made me smile for days)




5. Favorite outdoor eating: It may be a toss up between the deck at Annie Bailey’s, a favorite spot for Brent and I and in my opinion, the closest thing to a beachy feel in Lancaster.


John J. Jeffries, my latest find. Definitely on the pricier side, we went for drinks and dessert after a delicious gormet meal created by my sweet fiancee in honor of summertime. His food was amazing, their food was amazing. I love fresh and local!


Said delicious meal: shrimp scampi in a garlic butter sauce, brown rice and roasted zucchini


6. Photographer: Amber Martin at Jeremy Hess Photographers.

I had to include this cause I am SO excited about our engagment shoot! We headed out a few months ago and hardly lasted before a huge storm hit, but Amber still made us look good! This week we completed a second session with her (included in the back-of-the-camera preview) and I can’t wait to see more! I will say putting our foreheads together in 90 degree heat was a little more sweaty than romantic, but we had fun!



7. My favorite outdoor activity: This is a toss up. I really love my walks to Central Market and Lemon Street Market for fresh everything! If I stop at Central along the way and head over to Lemon it is a great walk and with my sweet new backpack carrying groceries is no big deal 🙂 


It’s hard to compare these walks to journaling in my peaceful garden oasis created by my amazing fiancee and a few good greenery finds. 



These are the moments when I wish I had a before picture!

Cute little lanterns compliments of Christmas Tree Shops! My go-to for cheap decor.

And my Memorial Day DIY project, nothing a little paint can’t do to make a green door gray. And the wreath, $5 on clearance at Christmas Tree Shops [again]!


8. Last but not least, favorite summer blessing. MY NEIGHBORHOOD. As Brent and I prepare to get married, start a life, decorate our apartment, and the list goes on, one of my goals was to meet the neighbors. Seems cliche, but really, I wanted to know who I was living very close to, and feel a sense of community with those around me! SO, one evening I baked some Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti (this recipe is ALWAYS a big hit) and we headed out to meet our neighbors. We had so much fun, and met six very sweet people (only six because I underestimated on the biscotti). Hoping to do more of this socializing as I sit out on my porch, take walks, or bake more stuff!




So for those of you curious as to what is happening in my life, between all the busyness I have been finding time to be truly blessed! Life is so beautiful, and when I get the chance to count these blessings and write them down (which I highly recommend) I totally see it!


Collasians 3:15

One thought on “life, love & things i like. {a synopsis of summer 2013}

  1. Dear Katie,
    I can’t begin to express the Thankfulness in my heart for you.
    You are a treasure and as you continue to invite the sweet things into your life
    so many people’s lives will be touched by your touch.
    You are the kind of person that is never to busy to make someone feel special.
    Your touch in this world will bring many to Christ.

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