sweet [hair]itage.

With my wedding TWO MONTHS AND TEN DAYS down the road, I’m becoming reminiscent. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are trying to determine- Would a display of pictures from our childhood be absolutely adorable or totally humiliating? A few weeks ago, while at my parents and considering this predicament, I headed to the basement where our shelves are well stocked with memories, blackmail, and entertainment for future boyfriends.

Here are a few of the treasures I discovered



Baby Katie in her colonial cap, just enjoying life.


Beach bonding with my very trendy father.


Unsure of what my natural smile was, I tended toward the excited look.


My fashion sense was impeccable.

I think those glasses are re-emerging if I observe correctly?

ImageModel status.


The Colonial phase was a long lasting obsession.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw us both under the bus and say,

this defines the meaning of best friends forever. 


So the purpose of that rather embarrassing and very small snapshot of my life was…?

[And I totally skipped the middle school phase]

As I look back through these memories, it is not only my hair that sticks out to me, but my heritage. 

-There it is, the awful pun you’ve all been waiting for. Truth is, I love puns.-


I am blessed beyond measure. Not just a cliche kind of i’m so blessed, but blessed by the heritage I have come from, and the one I have the opportunity to create as I start my own family! One of tight-knight relationship and abounding love, one of fighting and crying and making up all within 10 minutes (that is, if I have four girls and horomones are raging in my home). A heritage that cultivates the acceptance of all hobbies, colonial re-enactment included. And most importantly, a heritage that instills values into my future children and grandchildren so that they delight in the Lord, and in turn he gives them the desires of their heart.

This is what I am finding, what I have found, and a truth I continue to uncover in my life journey!


Psalm 37:4

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