registering for life.

Yesterday was a major day, at least in my life.

That’s because yesterday, April 14, 2013, marks the first day that I, Katie Sigman,

got sick of Target.

And vocalized it.

(It practically pains me to type that.)


In reality- yesterday I had a totally FREE, OPEN, BEAUTIFUL day, to use however I could dream. So naturally I said, hey Brent let’s go register for our future at my favorite store ever.

So. After many mental pep talks, this is not set in stone, this is not life or death, you can always come back, this is not a test you pass or fail, this is FUN, Brent and I headed to Target to complete our wedding registry. (Still can’t believe that happened.)


Upon arrival, we headed for the doors, where Brent stopped me and suggested we take in this moment I’d always dreamed of, here I am-about to register for items to create a home, MY home with MY husband!

Then, we dove in.


For those of you who don’t know, Target is actually my natural habitat, so we had that advantage on our side. 

For those of you who don’t know, Brent gets tired and hungry rather quickly- to define quickly I mean like our second aisle in. Unfortunately we were with the kitchen appliances, so no chairs and snacks were available. If I could redo it I’d bring a cooler with snacks, wear a camping chair on my back and take an intermission. (Not just for his sake, mine too).


We began on a light note, Brent making jokes about potential items we could register for and loving the registry gun. I don’t want to make it seem like we ended on a heavy note, more like a dehydrated one. 

Note to self: DRINK WATER while making major life decisions like the color of your accent throw pillows. 


One hour later: Still in the kitchen section, I’m freaking out over the brand of juicer and struggling to keep my eyes off the Limited Time Only stuff (cause you know they never have that by the time your wedding roles around). Registering is a big committment. Once you start, you can’t just stop (or at least that’s the feeling I got). The best way I can describe it is beginning a timed, online exam that you know you have to finish, but realizing you don’t know the answers. Anyone tracking with me?

Brent is tired and his legs are starting to cramp, otherwise, still holding a good sense of humor.


Two hours later: I am standing paralyzed in the basket section, trying to determine what baskets really “speak to me.” Two seconds into it, I drop the registry gun. My heart drops with it as I pray to the Lord that I didn’t lose the past two hours of work. Brent has taken a bathroom break. 


Three hours later: We are dillusional, I am scanning every candle I see, and Brent is sitting on the floor in the candle aisle. 


THE GOOD NEWS: We survived. We made it through our registration process. We realized it wasn’t life or death, and while I wouldn’t run to do it all over again, I’d say that when we were lucid we enjoyed it. Dreaming of a life together was the key component, who cares if that life involves fresh juice or Tropicana?


P.S. We celebrated at Kiwi FroYo. I got so much I felt sick, but it was well worth it and well deserved. I proceeded to go home and want to go to bed. It was only 7:30. (The embarrassing things people don’t share about their lives).

P.P.S. If you ever want to curb a Target addiction, spend three hours there. Even the best of us will not make it.

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