rejuvenate me.

Sometimes I wonder… what is this hurricane I call my life?


It is a crazy time. Carrying the titles of intern, student, sister, daughter, friend, fiancee. Would I trade any of them at this point? No way! But how do I balance it all, how do I become agile at the art of doing it all, being everything. 

I don’t.


I’m making this one short and sweet. This morning I felt the Lord speaking to my cry, my cry for rest, for peace, for rejuvenation.

My beautiful daughter- if only you knew the depth of my love for you. So vast, so deep, so refreshing that it lasts for all of eternity. I know you struggle to comprehend this- you struggle, you strive, you schedule your life away. I want you to look at me- that’s right, look up. It is Me that you are missing, time spent in My presence, a heart so wrapped up in My hope that it has no room for anxiety. I am your rejuvenation, I hold the “free time” you long for. Forget the defualt to stress, default to Me. For I am your Father, perfect in every way, and I long for your love. I long to heal you. I long to give you peace. 


rejuvenate me, Lord. this is my cry. 



2 thoughts on “rejuvenate me.

  1. Love that reminder this morning, Katie! Every stage and season of life brings with it the challenges of keeping God first and resting in His peace no matter what the circumstances are around us or what seems to be demanding our time.

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